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Saving lives since 2011


I Am Ferret, a 501(3)(c) rescue organization was established in April, 2011 and currently resides in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area. Our services include:

  • Ferret rescue
  • Community education
  • Information proliferation
  • Successful adoptions to wonderful forever homes

I Am Ferret was formed to help create a cohesive rescue community to be the voice for not only ferrets, but every defenseless domestic animal in need of a loving forever home. With our direct emphasis placed on rescuing and aiding surrendered, abused, forgotten and neglected animals.

It is our main goal to build a strong network within the ferret community, but also to extend assistance and connect with other animal groups. As a professional rescue organization, we hope to join forces and form alliances within the whole of the animal rescue community. We look forward to working alongside other community organizations to help all of us achieve our goals and give every animal a voice.

We can all learn from one another and assist each other. There should be no competition when it comes to saving lives. We are dedicated to working with each and every rescue/shelter group that is open to collaboration towards meeting a common goal of rescuing, saving and finding good forever homes for all domesticated animals, with our special emphasis on ferrets. We want to be another new voice for them. Our hearts desire is to speak for those that can’t. For anyone wanting to learn more about us and our organization, we invite you to visit our website, send an email, or give us a call. We welcome any and all questions.

Our Mission Statement
To maintain the preservation and improve conditions for ferrets as they exist as pets and in the wild. Through education and partnerships, we can protect, sustain, and improve the well-being of all species of the mustalidae family. We are dedicated to finding a diplomatic and productive approach for advancing the levels of knowledge of breeding, habitat, diet, maintenance, and the overall commitment required in the care of ferrets.

We invite you to become a part of our effort in educating the world on ferret care, matching loving responsible pet owners with the “right” pet for themselves, their families, and their families' newest additions. We strive to stop animal neglect, abuse, and milling through education and alliances built within the community.